Friday, February 12, 2010

Gay refugees safer in U.S., but still not safe enough

David Taffet of the Dallas Voice writes:
After being kidnapped and raped in their home country, two gay Iraqis seek safety in Houston. But even in the land of the free, life isn’t easy.
Yousif Ali, 24, and Nawfal Muhamed, 20, are safe in Houston. But life is difficult.
The two have been denied food stamps. Jobs are not easy to find. The Sharpstown neighborhood where they live is dangerous. Neither man speaks English well. And the American relief agency that helps refugees has no services for gay men.
But all that aside, the two gay Iraqi refugees have asylum status and are safer here than they were in Iraq.
For more information on Yousif and Nawfal, and other LGBT refugees and aslyum seekers, write:

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